Frequently asked questions

Hemp seeds are the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. They have a hard nut-like exterior and are soft inside. These brown seeds are packed with nutrition. They are rich in protein, fibre, essential fatty acids including omega-3s and omega-6s.

Hemp hearts are the edible interiors of the seed that hemp grows from. They’re a noticeable source of fibre, filled with vitamins, calcium and iron.

It is the oil extracted from the seeds of Cannabis Sativa L. plants. Raw, organically sourced hemp seeds are cold-pressed to obtain their nutritious benefits. And, that is how hemp seed oil is made.

Hemp powder is made by grinding pressed hemp seeds into a fine powder. You can add them to shakes, smoothies and other consumables to boost protein intake.

Hemp-based products have a nutty taste. Somewhat similar to sunflower seeds and pine nuts, but with a softer texture.

Hemp seeds have a healthy ratio of EFAs (essential fatty acids). Their Omega 6 – Omega 3 ratio is 3:1. It is the ideal ratio for us. Whereas, flax seeds have an opposite Omega 6 – Omega 3 ratio of 1:4.2. Also, consuming other sources of EFAs like flax, regularly may lead to EFA imbalances in the body.

And, only hemp seeds have Globule Edistin. It is a protein similar to a protein found in human blood plasma.

Whey is animal-based protein and difficult to digest, while soy is plant-based protein. But, it can cause allergies. Whereas, hemp protein is a high-quality plant-based protein which is easy to digest and doesn’t cause any allergies. Plus, it comes packed with all the 9 essential amino acids required by our bodies.

Hemp seeds, hearts, oil, protein powder and all hemp-based products are absolutely safe for consumption by everyone. But it is recommended to consult your healthcare professional before you include them in your diet. Ideally, they should be taken in regulated amounts.

All hemp-based products are gluten-free, pesticide-free, vegan and soy-free, they can be consumed by anyone and everyone regardless of their allergies or being a vegetarian.

We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before pregnant women consume any hemp-based products.

Hemp seed oil contains almost no THC or less than 0.3% THC. This trace amount is not enough to create a psychoactive effect. And, this has been verified by multiple food researches over the years.

Cannabidiol is found in both leaves and flowers of the Cannabis plant. But, hemp seeds have a very negligible amount of CBD.

No, this is a misconception. Hemp products do not cause intoxication. Because THC which is the psychoactive compound, is present in a very negligible amount. Rest assured, this is backed by validated results which prove that the amount of THC is within safe limits.

Yes, you can use hemp seed oil to cook anything that your heart delights. But, hemp seed oil is not recommended for frying. It is best used in its raw pure form, which helps keep its nutrition and goodness intact.

No, you don’t need a prescription to purchase and use hemp products. But it is recommended to consult with your health professional before using any hemp-based product.